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Roshanna Trim: Inspiring a generation

Roshanna Trim: Inspiring a generation

"Come together as a body and work united"

Image above: Roshanna Trim talking at a youth event

LCJB winner, Denyce Blackman introduces and profiles Barbadian youth leader, Roshanna Trim, who calls on young people to join together to campaign for a better future in the short film below.

22-year-old Roshanna Trim is what older generations may have called a "whippersnapper".

Bright, bold and full of passion, she stunned Barbados when she unexpectedly resigned as Youth Prime Minister on national television in March 2017.

She resigned because her youth parliament was forced to reroute discussions of a drafted resolution on issues affecting the Barbadian Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. Roshanna says the decision by the overarching body – the Ministry of Sports, Youth and Culture – represents just one way that youth voices are stifled on the island. 

From that point, after almost five years of advocacy and leadership work, including with the Barbados Youth Development Council (BYDC), she made a promise to herself.

"I decided any platform I could get that was youth-led, youth-created, youth-oriented, and that was youth-centred – that I would take that," Roshanna says. "But I'm not going to take part in anything that dictates what I say or how I say it, because that won't allow for change."

To mark International Youth Day 2017, Roshanna and her BYDC team organised “Hues of Youth”. This gained not just the attention and audience of both government and opposition officials, but also the opportunity for representation.

“Its purpose was to showcase young people and their skills, as well as to give them a platform to speak on any issue. A lot of time youth are given platforms with conditions, so the hope was that at this event, you would be able to speak freely, without limits and… I would say it was successful.”

In this video, which she hopes will ignite some of Barbados’ 28,000 youth to strengthen their voice, she outlines several pressing issues – including rising university costs and the terse line of communication between the youth and policymakers.

Please note, this video is subtitled but a transcript of the video is also available in pdf format on this page.