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Queen's Young Leaders: Legacy Panel

Queen's Young Leaders: Legacy Panel

Creating a lasting legacy for the programme

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Set up by Queen’s Young Leaders early in 2016, the Legacy Panel works with alumni to make sure they stay connected beyond the life of the programme. Panel members, past and present, tell Leading Change how the Legacy Panel works, what they hope it will achieve and why they are keen to be involved.

Why set up a Legacy Panel?

Edmund Page speaking into a microphone

Edmund Page, 2015 Alumnus and 2016 co-Founder of the Legacy Panel

“People from all over the Commonwealth are doing lots of great things in various different sectors. But we feel that as a strong network we will be able to change more together.

“The Legacy Panel is designed as a co-ordination mechanism between Queen’s Young Leaders for the future.”

Nicole Brown among trees and flowers

Nicole Brown, 2015 Alumna and current Co-Chair

“This community can work together to develop a positive and hopeful environment for future generations to ensure we live in a world with:

  • equal opportunity
  • wider access to education
  • ability to access basic human rights
  • recognition of all genders
  • and a world which innovates to ensure a better environment for all living things.”

How will it work?

Jordan Kerr standing by a wall

Jordan Kerr: 2015 Alumnus and Legacy Panel Liaison Officer

“The Panel will implement internal and external projects. The internal projects include things such as the newsletter and management of network working groups which are designed to connect alumni on topic areas.

“Nicholas is developing a long-term plan for the Queen’s Young Leaders’ networks. This will focus on what the networks will look like when the awards are completed and the trust no longer exists.

“Nicole is working specifically on initiatives over the next 12 months and ways to engage and strengthen the current networks.”

Why did you want to be involved with it?

Adam Bradford

Adam Bradford: 2016 Alumnus and current Records Officer

“I want to help build the Queen’s Young leader platform to support and expand our fellow Queen’s Young Leaders' projects and networks – sustainably and indefinitely – into the future. I also want to ensure we all stay connected and continue to keep ahead of the curve in our leadership journeys.”

Nicholas Kee gives a speech in an office

Nicholas Kee: 2016 Alumnus and current Co–chair

“The entire network comprises a collection of some of the most selfless minds who embark on creating impact in whatever they do. I have been fortunate to be a part of this network of like-minded individuals and I would love to see it flourish into a sustainable powerhouse of promise."

What does it hope to achieve in the long term?

Nicholas Kee

“I am committed to showing the world the potential of us all, as Commonwealth leaders, in our fight to improve the conditions of lives all around us. This would involve ensuring that we as the Legacy Panel embark on projects that show measurable impact in our regions.”

Safaath Ahmed stands by the sea

Safaath Ahmed Zahir 2016 Alumna and current member of the Legacy Panel

“With the hope to achieve aspirations, my vision for this legacy is to make this legacy last. Let’s make this happen!”

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"The Legacy Panel is designed as a co-ordination mechanism"

Edmund Page

Image credit: Christine Schmidt

Legacy Panel members

Nicole Brown – Co-Chair, focusing on short-term projects

Nicole is working specifically on initiatives over the next 12 months and ways to engage and strengthen the current networks.

Nicholas Kee – Co-Chair, focusing on long-term network development and sustainability 

This will focus on what the networks will look like when the awards are completed and the trust no longer exists.

Adam Bradford – Records Officer, responsible for minuting meeting and keeping records

Safaath Ahmed –  Legacy Panel Member

Katerina Gavrielidou – Legacy Panel Member

Portia Mwinbeter-ib Dery – Legacy Panel Member

Jordan Kerr – Legacy Panel Liaison Officer

Image credit: Blue Diamond Gallery

Legacy Panel objectives for 2017

Establish the structure in which the Queen's Young Leaders' community will function after 2018.

Allocate and use assigned funding to support the establishment of this structure.

Develop and implement an engagement strategy to encourage participation in the programme among Queen's Young Leaders after their completion of the Leading Change course.

Select recipients of grants, based on sustainability and scale of impact.