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Leading Change welcomes Oluwabusayomi Sotunde

Leading Change welcomes Oluwabusayomi Sotunde

Our new assistant editor and youth writer

Oluwabusayomi is a Nigerian freelance journalist and co-founder of Rural Reporters. Here she tells us more about Rural Reporters, what motivates her and what she hopes to bring to Leading Change.

What gets you going?

"Success, challenges and the testimonies of people around me – especially young people who are beating the odds and leading change in their own capacity – to grow as an individual and do more for the community.       

Rural Reporters is an independent journalism-for-development news portal. It is dedicated to using technology and new media to publish under-reported issues in rural Africa ­– especially reports from the grassroots that do not usually make it to the mainstream media.

We, the founding members, realised that a lot of attention is focused on what is happening in urban areas. Only few reporters or media outlets are paying attention to rural areas and urban-rural areas. Yet more than half of Africa’s population live in these neglected communities.

This is why development has been basically one-sided. Over the years, budgets and development projects have been implemented and very few of these resources are channelled to develop rural communities.  

Rural Reporters brings together young writers and journalists from across Africa. We believe that if we can provide a platform that serves and engages people and development workers in rural communities, there will be more impactful and inclusive development.


“Talent is better than money because it is always with you.”


I love quotes. In fact, collecting them is a hobby of mine. I am an avid reader and I meet strong, inspiring people regularly – in person and through books and reports that I read. These people have shaped my perception and outlook of life.

“Try not to become a person of success, but try to become a person of value.”

Albert Einstein                         

My role models are my parents, some of my very good friends and some leaders – young and old – that I have read or heard about over the years.

I am inspired by their stories, testimonies and can-do, die-hard spirit. They encourage me to always have the belief that anything is possible.

Writing for Leading Change

There are many young people shaping the world but their deeds go unseen and are sometimes not given enough attention. So, I hope to bring to the fore stories of young people who are breaking barriers by leading change and providing solutions that benefit their community, country and the world.

I hope their stories can inspire young people and the next generation to find their inner power and be the kind of the leaders the world needs.