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Challenging privilege: 20 things men can do...

Challenging privilege: 20 things men can do... tackle sexism, misogyny and violence against women

This list was compiled by Bob Pease, Professor of Social Work in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Tasmania, from various websites.

  1. Educate yourself by reading women’s writings and feminist literature.
  1. Become more aware of your male privilege and how it is manifested.
  1. Become more aware of other sources of privilege, if you are white, heterosexual and professional.
  1. Think about how your own attitudes and use of language might contribute to the problem of men’s abuse of women.
  1. Reflect on and challenge any abusive and controlling behaviours you have.
  1. Talk with women about their lives and find out more about the violence women experience.
  1. Listen to women when they talk about their experience.
  1. Don’t interrupt women when they are speaking.
  1. Acknowledge and apologise when you realize that you are being sexist or controlling.
  1. Do your fair share of child care and housework.
  1. Don’t use pornography.
  1. Learn how to be more loving and nurturing in your sexuality.
  1. Talk to boys and young men about the importance of respecting girls and women.
  1. Challenge other men when they make sexist comments and engage in controlling behaviour.
  1. Don’t remain silent if you discover that a male friend is abusing a woman.
  1. Publicly express your support for gender equality and walk the walk.
  1. Boycott corporations that use sexist advertising.
  1. Write letters to the editor and opinion articles for local newspapers to express an alternative male point of view on sexism.
  1. Join or start a group of men who are challenging sexism.
  1. Become a resource person who can speak out on men’s responsibility for challenging sexism and violence.