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Bid writing resource: Introduction

Bid writing resource: Introduction

Queen’s Young Leaders, Lia Nicholson and Kiiza Saddam Hussein both have experience of applying for funding and evaluating applications. So Leading Change asked them to share their bid writing tips.

Lia works for the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. She is involved in climate change negotiations on an international scale and supports community organisations, by helping them to develop research and evidence to secure funding.

Kiiza is the Founder of Young Africa Leaders Talk and Action on Climate Change and has written six bids over the last two years. Three were successful, two weren’t, and he is still waiting to hear about the last one.

1. In Preparing your funding proposal, Kiiza and Lia explain how contacts and networks can help you find funding opportunities and learn more about bid-writing – and why you should always provide evidence to back up proposals.

Preparing your funding proposal

2. The next step is to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. In Writing your funding proposal, Lia and Kiiza will tell you what to include and how to present information to make your funding application succeed.

Writing your funding proposal

3. Finally, there are some things you can only learn by experience – either your own or someone else's. In Do's and don'ts, Lia and Kiiza share what they've picked up along the way and offer tips that will help you grow more successful with each funding application you submit.

Bid writing: Do's and don'ts

Lia Nicholson

Kiiza Saddam Hussein