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Alex Barton: Advice on mentoring

Alex Barton: Advice on mentoring

Alex Barton offers Queen's Young Leaders top tips on making the most of the mentoring experience

Alex Barton helps companies and individuals discover opportunities in traditional markets, especially those in regulated environments, and assemble teams to develop new products and services. He is also heavily involved in enterprise education.

On this page, you can read his top tips for choosing a mentor and watch a film specially addressed to the Queen's Young Leaders where he talks about his experience of mentoring.

Alex Barton's top tips

  • Always try and find the best person to mentor you. Find somebody you admire that has done something similar to your project.
  • Get a number of mentors for each part of your business from finance to marketing, networking to productivity. Being coached on pitching and raising money is as important as being mentored on being more efficient and taking time off.
  • You should listen to everything people have to say, but it's your choice which advice to follow.
  • Be as honest and transparent as possible. Mentors can only help you based on what you've told them!
  • Make yourself accountable to the mentor. Set deadlines and then talk through the outcome with your mentor, where you were successful and the areas that need work.
  • Prepare for each meeting and don’t waste your time.
  • At some point, you will outgrow your mentor. This is a sign of a good mentor.
  • Often the best mentors are retired chief executive officers and chairmen and women etc. They still know everything and everyone, but now have lots of time!
  • But… a mentor doesn’t have to be much older than you. Someone who is a few steps ahead, who can help you navigate the challenges, can also be a great help.

Download a transcript of Alex Barton's advice on mentoring