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Tevin Shepherd talks about Leading Change

Tevin Shepherd talks about Leading Change

"I bring the third eye"

Image above: Tevin speaking at the One Young World Conference in Ottawa, Canada in 2016

Queen’s Young Leader, Tevin Shepherd, has been working as a Programme Co-ordinator with the Leading Change team in Cambridge since April 2017. He talks about creating innovations for the programme.

Chevening Scholar, Tevin moved to the United Kingdom from Saint Lucia to pursue a Master of Arts in International Social Development at the University of East Anglia. He is the Founder of ProjectCan – a youth-led organisation in that focuses on youth empowerment through education – and a 2016 Queen's Young Leader.

You’ve been involved with a lot of youth work, and you’ve just finished a masters in International Social Development. How does your work as the Leading Change Programme Co-ordinator relate to all this?

Working with Leading Change gave me the opportunity to do youth work on a professional level and on an international scale.

Before Leading Change, I worked with the Foundation for the Development of Caribbean Children – a project focused on women and children in the Caribbean. But this opportunity at Leading Change gave me a good platform to do youth work across 52 countries. So that is very exciting!

What does your job involve?

I work with Course Director, Frances Brown, to develop the programme and I bring a third eye, looking at stuff from a Queen’s Young Leaders point of view – what works well and what’s a bit challenging for Queen’s Young Leaders. How can we make it more exciting and more meaningful for the Queen’s Young Leaders?

Tell us about that. What solutions have you helped innovate?

For example, we took a look at mentoring for the Queen’s Young Leaders.

We were in a meeting and I was like we have so many mentors and we want to encourage Queen’s Young Leaders to take advantage.

But the mentors are busy. Queen’s Young Leaders are busy. So how can we create a platform where one mentor can have access to more than one Queen’s Young Leader?


And we thought why not have an interview series?

If a Queen’s Young Leader listens to a recording and wants some information they can actually go and get it from the advisory mentor who’s been interviewed.

And we were wow! That’s exciting! We should try that.

So how does it work?

We pick four mentors and broadcast it to the Queen’s Young Leaders’ community. Then the Queen’s Young Leaders’ submit a question based on the mentor profiles and we use these questions to engage in discussion.

That becomes a 20 to 30 minute interview to broadcast to Queen’s Young Leaders and share on the Leading Change website.

We’ve tried a pilot.

What was the feedback?

We had very good feedback.

I interviewed Sam Glover. He’s an entrepreneur who began in his room at 18.

So it was an opportunity to give advice on starting a business. And those who were on board, they were really engaged.

That’s so cool. It will be great to have those interviews on the Leading Change website. What other innovations have you been involved with?

Me and Frances, we worked together and thought okay we have this course and we need to find a way to make it more people-centred and more relevant to individual Queen’s Young Leaders.

We came up with a new structure for the modules. Like why not create pathways so everyone can have their own learning? So in the middle of the programme they’re going to break up into the pathways to become experts on aspects of leadership and leading change.

You’re going home to Saint Lucia in January and leaving the Leading Change team. What are you planning to do next?

Wherever I’m living, I’ll be working with the Leading Change team on a voluntary basis to rollout the mentor interviews in 2018.

I’m keen on media. I’m also keen on fundraising and social marketing. I’m also keen on youth development. I’m also keen on starting a leadership programme.

All these things are very related...

They’re very related.

I enjoy creating, and that’s why I enjoy branding and marketing.

There’s a lot of things I’m exploring. One thing is philanthropy and looking at how private sector can be more involved. How do we package development to sell it to the world?

Leading Change will begin publishing the Mentoring Interview Series before the end of 2017, so keep checking our homepage and follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Tevin at Buckingham Palace after being presented with his Queen's Young Leaders award

"I work with Course Director, Frances Brown, to develop the programme and I bring a third eye, looking at stuff from a Queen’s Young Leaders point of view."

Tevin Shepherd