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Queen's Young Leaders: Speaking to the world

Queen's Young Leaders: Speaking to the world

Watch and listen to Leading Change's 2015 Alumni

If you have delivered a talk – and you're a winner on the Queen's Young Leaders programme – send details and a link to

Hope Mwanake

Hope describes her experiences of working with her youth-led community-based organisation, Trace Kenya, at the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) Media Hub.

August 2015

PJ Cole

Speaking at Tedx in Tunbridge Wells, UK, PJ tells how former child soldiers started to rebuild Sierra Leone and, when Ebola hit, set up a treatment unit. 

June 2015

Devika Malik

Devika is an international para-athlete, counsellor and co-founder of the Wheeling Happiness Foundation. At TedxGRD, in Coimbatore India, she explains how sport can empower those with disabilities.

March 2015

Whitney Iles

Whitney is a social entrepreneur and community activist. In this talk, given at Tedx Clapham, London UK, she explores violence in the form of thinking patterns and how they affect our lives.

February 2015

Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu

Joannes speaks on a United Nations panel about gender equality. You can watch the whole session, or fast-forward 42 minutes in to hear Joannes' contribution.

March 2015

Later in 2015, Joannes took part in another panel discussion at an event hosted by J&J Partners Health. Again, you will need to fast-forward to watch Joannes. His panel starts 1:32 in.

Rosina St James

Rosina started a social enterprise, The Inner Attitude, which helps young women develop self-esteem. She speaks about legacy, identity and finding your passion at Tedx Youth Croydon, in the UK.

November 2013

See Queen's Young Leaders speak at the One Young World Summit in November 2015