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Nicole Brown: The Queen’s Young Leaders’ community and beyond

Nicole Brown: The Queen’s Young Leaders’ community and beyond

Looking ahead to a brighter future

In the final piece of her series for Leading Change, Nicole Brown looks to the future and explains why she believes the Queen's Young Leaders' Legacy Panel is so important.

I have taken a few days to reflect on where I currently am in life.

I am a healthy 24-year-old Australian who has recently graduated with a master’s degree in Engineering.

I have, until recently, led an international organisation and am about to begin my career as a structural engineer. However, I realise this is what I have done, not who I am.

As mentioned in my previous article, the importance of self-reflection cannot be understated. We need to take time – on a regular basis – to consider who we are, what makes us who we are and why we make the decisions we do in life.

Legacy Panel

Although I am extremely excited to enter the world of engineering, I know that it forms only one part of my passion in life. My other passion is leadership and helping others achieve their goals, setting the structures in place to enable success.

Therefore, in 2016, I applied to become part of the inaugural Queens Young Leaders Legacy Panel and this is why I reapplied for the position in 2017. Through the election process, I was fortunate enough to be re-elected and chosen to hold the position of Co-Chair with my fellow alumnus Nicholas Kee.

Through this position, we are working to support the alumni of the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme to:

  • build networks
  • enable collaborations to occur
  • and share the skills and challenges members encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Within this unique network – brought together by the Diamond Jubilee Trust, Comic Relief, and the Royal Commonwealth Society – we have an abundance of hope, skill, passion, positivity, courage, and the promise of a brighter future. 

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This community emanates the true meaning of comradery and hope for change. As we welcome in the 2017 cohort, we find more and more amazing individuals who are inspiring their local communities and driven to achieve positive change in society.

A positive future

I have had the honour of meeting many of these amazing individuals and I look forward to continuing these relationships for years to come.

This community can work together to develop a positive and hopeful environment for future generations to ensure we live in a world with:

  • equal opportunity
  • wider access to education
  • ability to access basic human rights
  • recognition of all genders
  • and a world which innovates to ensure a better environment for all living things.

By working together, sharing ideas and challenges, brainstorming solutions and collaborating for change, we will make a difference.

As I said to my team whilst working at Robogals, although one person can make a difference, it takes a team to make this difference stick – to make this difference our reality.

This year the Legacy Panel will be working extremely hard to enable further collaborations through grants programmes, newsletters, peer-mentoring catch-ups – all working towards the sustainability of this incredible community we have been fortunate enough to be welcomed in to.

It will take all alumni to ensure this success. This is not an opportunity we want to let pass us by.

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