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Faustina Edward: The 2018 Balancing Act

Faustina Edward: The 2018 Balancing Act

Tips to help changemakers keep on top of their work

Faustina Edward shares how she manages to do everything she is committed to – changemaking, university and the Leading Change course – and still has time to enjoy her life. These tips are written for Queen’s Young Leaders, but can be adapted and applied to suit any changemaker.

We all live separate lives, but what we have in common is that we are superheroes, causing change in our communities and inspiring others.

I’m not going to lie – keeping up with the hustle and bustle is sometimes mentally taxing. In the three months since I began the Leading Change course, my time management and organisation skills have sky-rocketed.

Between balancing University, being present in my new niche, living my best life, keeping in touch with back home and the Leading Change course, I have realised how I get to do it all.

These tips are general and can work for all changemakers – no matter how caught up we tend to be.


Commit to completing the various activities and assignments. 

Remember Leading Change is not meant to be a burden, but allows us to take some time to grow into better leaders.

If you don’t make the time to complete the various activities, you are cheating yourself of getting feedback and just getting to know more about yourself as a person and leader.

With that being said, please – I cannot say this enough – do not get overwhelmed. It is not a competition. What matters is that you get to the finish line, not the speed at which you do it.

Plan ahead

Since the beginning of January, my diary has become my best friend. It is my go-to as soon as a date pops up.

In our package the layout for the year is found and has every date for module launches, assignment deadlines and everything in between.

I would suggest you take five minutes out of your day and put these dates in your diary. In that way, when a new month comes around, you will always know what to expect.

If you’re a colour coder like myself, putting all Queen’s Young Leader activities in one colour will make it easier to identify.

Deal with certain things immediately

Again, I know we are all busy bees, working hard to pollinate the world with our greatness.

There are some things I have found that if dealt with immediately, make life slightly easier.

Figure out what works for you

Different activities and assignments call for different states of mind.

For example, for me, some assignments require complete silence, while some, like this blog post do not. Side note – I currently have an off-key karaoke session jamming out to some old school Beyoncé.

Figure out what atmosphere makes you more efficient and just go from there.

Interact with other changemakers

I think that my number one tip which has made this journey easier for me, is socialising with other Queen’s Young Leaders.

Whether on a professional level, like collaborating on ideas, or talking about makeup, sports or Sheldon’s sarcasm on the Big Bang Theory – there is a sort of calmness, I find when speaking to someone who is on the same learning journey as me.

Acrobat balancing on a tower of chairs

"Figure out what atmosphere makes you more efficient and just go from there."

Faustina Edward