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Tameka Hill

Tameka Hill

Tameka Hill is a Caribbean youth policy expert recognised by the United Nations Envoy on Youth in Baku, Azerbaijan.

A United Nations Habitat Mentor, she is responsible for providing guidance on project management, fundraising, budgeting and media and operations issues for youth projects in Madagascar, Africa.

She served as the Jamaican Youth Ambassador and represented the country's youth at the national and international level for four years.

Tameka has received numerous awards and recognition. Her most recent achievement to date is the Commemorative Award from the Commonwealth Secretariat, Bangladesh for her work on Women and Leadership.

She holds a bachelors in Media and Communication and Cultural Studies, as well as a MSc in Gender and Development Studies.

She recently launched the Tameka Hill Foundation, an initiative set up to target literacy in children six months to 12 years in the parish of Clarendon.