Sharon Warmington

Sharon Warmington

An expert in corporate governance, Sharon is an experienced and highly motivated entrepreneur, public speaker, executive coach, strategic manager and author with focused and targeted goals for achievement.

Sharon is a straight talking, no nonsense business consultant, executive coach, motivational speaker and author who has set her sights on conquering the globe. Having survived domestic violence, homelessness and near financial ruin, Sharon continued to pick herself up and keep moving forward towards success.

Born in Birmingham, UK, Sharon has had a varied and exciting journey that has taken her across mainland Europe, Scandinavia and North America – all of which have allowed her to draw on established and unique skills. Sharon is always able to create from a blank canvas and has set up and supported several businesses including her own.

With executive and life coaching as part of her remit of skills, Sharon works with national and international businesses in leadership development.

She is the eternal student who  believes that if you stop learning you stop moving forward and as such, she received a Degree with Distinction, in Leadership and Management for Change and Growth from Aston University in July 2014.