Samuel Frimpong Amoako

Samuel Frimpong Amoako

Samuel Frimpong Amoako is a deaf role model, PhD student, deaf educator, former teacher, deaf rights advocate, campaigner and volunteer in Ghana.

Samuel is the team leader of an non-governmental organisaton that seeks to promotes students' voices. He has strong interpersonal and communication skills – including spoken and both British and American Sign Language. He is excellent at mobilising teams, teaching, computing and research.

As a mentor, he can provide expert advice on global and regional issues such as:

  • the diversity of deaf culture
  • deaf education
  • inclusion
  • sign language
  • disability related issues.

He also believes he will be able to guide young leaders on how to:

  • live independent lives
  • assess their strengths and short-comings
  • and start an intervention aimed at putting their future dreams and ambitions into practice.

He  believes the most important things he can offer as a mentor are:

  • building trust
  • modelling positive behaviours
  • making himself dependable and authentic
  • researching, knowing and understanding the needs of his mentee
  • and providing values, career advice, social and protective functions.