Oboh Achioyamen

Oboh Achioyamen

Oboh Achioyamen is an experienced director with a history of working in the environmental and public health industry. He is skilled in:

  • inter-cultural communication
  • strategic partnerships
  • public speaking
  • organisational leadership
  • and interpersonal skills.

Oboh is a strong professional, a medical doctor by training working towards a PhD in Philosophy, which is focused on Public Health, from the University of Salford. He is the founder of Precious Gems – a registered charity that improves the health and wellbeing of citizens, utilising the asset based community development (ABCD) approach.

Oboh is also the founder of the African Council UK – a constituted round table group made up of leaders of African nationalities, with the aim of building capacity and a support network.

He is also the initiator of Bolton Community Development Partnership (BCDP), an organisation set up to serve as a catalyst for community engagements and development using ABCD in Greater Manchester.

He believes it's a privilege to support young leaders because he was also mentored and is still mentored by leaders that have accomplished their dreams.