Mica Allan

Mica Allan

Mica Allan is an international coach and trainer who has designed learning programmes for individuals and companies for 18 years. She is also a programme manager, writer, and the Director of Bloom Communications – a company that designs and delivers communication training to Iceland’s top companies.

As a coach and trainer, Mica has trained people from different backgrounds and cultures, creating inclusive programmes for introverts and extroverts, novices and experts, as well as young and seasoned learners.

She’s shown technical engineers how to communicate with non techie folk, trained bankers in how creative storytelling can transform their numbers and graphs, and taught scientists how to make their writing skills as dynamic as their medical breakthroughs. 

Mica is a copy and content writer for companies and she is a freelance writer for magazines. She has had her own weekly column on an Icelandic news site and writes a blog on all things communication, including how to write right, learning and development for introverts and managing your brain on busy.

Mica once served as a global networker and independent traveller, exploring Mongolia, China, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, New Zealand, Australia, the Cook Islands, Fiji and the Pacific North West. While travelling, she established new business networking opportunities between Junior Chamber International (JCI) and local charities and businesses in Mongolia, Cambodia, Thailand and North America.