Kate Griffiths-Lambeth

Kate Griffiths-Lambeth

Kate Griffiths-Lambeth is the Director of Human Resources (HR) at Charles Stanley – the 15th oldest financial services company in the world – a leading wealth management business providing services to private clients, charities and institutions.

As an HR Director and Leader, she specialises in working with top leadership teams and has extensive experience of devising aligned people strategies.

Before joining Charles Stanley, Kate was an executive director at Stonhage Fleming, the global multi-family office. And prior to that, she worked at a global bank where she was responsible for organisational effectiveness.

Kate is experienced in enabling both successful startups and significant global organisations. She has enjoyed a varied career and background, which has given her lots of experience and a broad network of contacts.

Born in London, Kate spent her teenage years in Hong Kong before studying Law at Cambridge. She has worked in many places around the world and appreciates connectivity as well as cultural nuances and diversity.

Kate started her career as a lawyer, then worked as a dealer in financial services before moving – via recruitment and corporate psychology – into HR. She has co-founded successful businesses, steered large organisations and currently, in addition to her day job, is a governor for a leading healthcare and hospital trust.

She also cares deeply about the environment, keeps bees and is also involved in mental health campaigns and awareness.