Jamal Abdul Nasir

Jamal Abdul Nasir

Jamal Abdul Nasir is Head of the Environmental Health Protection Unit  (EHPU) in Islamabad and the national Focal Person for Climate Change and its Policy and Framework.

He is responsible for technical activities related to water safety and development,  healthcare waste management tasks, strengthening  governance and policy, water and  sanitation, monitoring the water quality parameters and operational support.

Prior to this he was Head of the Environmental Health Department at the Public Health  Division, where he was responsible for public and community health related activities,  such as planning, implementation, water and sanitation, monitoring and evaluating health  indicators, impact analysis and reporting progress.

In the wake of Pakistan's 2005 earthquake, Jamal worked as a co-ordinator for monitoring the internally displaced population, focusing on public health issues in the refugee camps.

Other positions include

  • Senior Environmental Health Officer in Islamabad, Pakistan for the World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Co-ordinator for the Monitoring of the internally displaced population (IDS) camps in Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP) Pakistan
  • Health Research Consultant World Vision International Islamabad.