Dwynette Eversley

Dwynette Eversley

Dwynette Eversley has worked in social development for many years with a focus on international youth development and multi-level analysis, programme design and implementation for youth development.

She served as Regional Director of the Commonwealth Youth Programme Caribbean Centre, and worked substantively as the Caribbean Programme Manager for ten years. Dwynette has:

  • supported agencies to adopt youth-mainstreaming approaches to development
  • worked on building capacity for youth-led agencies
  • and mentored youth leaders and Caribbean youth networks.

She highly values the excellent trust-based relationships she has with youth leaders through the Caribbean and across the Commonwealth.

Her most recent work in St Kitts and Nevis has been to develop a new youth policy, which is diversity and gender sensitive and inclusive of all youth across their life stages.

Dwynette is the Vice President of Women and Development in the Women in Maritime Association, Caribbean (WiMAC). WiMAC’s focus is on developing the Caribbean maritime sector for economic opportunities based on equality for women.