Darryl Howes

Darryl Howes

In 2008, after more than 30 years in retail corporate banking, Darryl Howes moved to successfully running his own consulting business, DDNS Consulting.

His banking career taught him a great deal about business law, accounting and, of course, the financial aspects of running a business.

In 2003, Darryl decided to read for an undergraduate degree with the Open University. After graduating in 2009, Darryl went on to read for an MSc at Surrey University as a mature student. This experience partly provided the springboard for his current business.

Darryl runs a number of not-for-profit activities, including networking advice for students, job seekers and young professionals. His LinkedIn Group, Strategic Business Networking, which started just over 12 months ago, now has over 250 members worldwide.

Darryl is energised by helping young people to develop in the best way they can. This has been an interest for him since he became a Young Enterprise ambassador in the nineties and his subsequent role as a business mentor with the Prince’s Trust.