Damian Foster

Damian Foster

Damian Foster has over ten years leading experience in online organisations in Europe and Asia, working in various roles such as head of sales and marketing, chief operating officer and regional chief executive officer (CEO). These roles have given him exposure to all areas of business and a solid understanding of each aspect.

As a regional CEO, it was his responsibility to mentor new western employees working in China for the first time. This was something that he enjoyed very much, mainly the opportunity to help others reach their full potential.

Damian wants to become a volunteer. He often looks back at his younger self and contemplates how he could have developed and grown much faster.

Damian currently produces online training courses live on Udemy.com that help business professionals enhance their business skills. He also has his own blog, RainbowElite.com, where he shares his thoughts. You can also find an old podcast he used to do.

Ultimately, Damian enjoys passing on the knowledge he has picked up over the years. He looks forward to discussing this further with mentees.