Christian Lohberger

Christian Lohberger

Christian Lohberger is an experienced engineer, project manager and the Chief Technology Officer of Astra Solar.

He is also the Founder and President of the Solar Energy Association of Papua New Guinea (SEAP) – an industrial group founded to increase the capacity, sustain the development and protect the viability and long-term growth of the solar energy industry. 

Christian has a masters in engineering and his thesis examined community investment in wind power projects in a Papua New Guinea context. He is currently focusing on how to change the Papua New Guinea electricity network.

Existing legislation in Papua New Guinea is based on power being supplied by government-owned monopolies. Christian is working with a team of people to develop technical and financial strategies to sidestep these obstacles to make access to electricity easier to access for all.

Christian also belongs to several community organisations and sits on the board of four organisations – Lohberger Engineering Ltd, Astra Solar Ltd, Solar Energy Association of PNG and Nogat Coal.