Carla Williams Johnson

Carla Williams Johnson

Carla Williams Johnson is a media marketing specialist based in Trinidad and Tobago.

She founded Carli Communications, which offers advertising and marketing advice to entrepreneurs and business owners who are interested in promoting themselves in the real world.

With over a decade of experience in the field, she considers herself an advocate for business men and women who wish to promote themselves, by offering sound, unbiased advice, focusing mainly on:

  • methods to identify ideal clients
  • online and offline approaches to boosting visibility
  • the creation of marketing campaigns designed to increase revenue.

She’s been called "the Media Guru" and her clients are in awe of her warm, friendly personality and her ability to "think of innovative, out of the box ideas" for their business.

She is also a passionate writer having contributed pieces to local, regional and international publications as well as her business blog which she has since renamed Carli Speaks on her website.

Carla also gives back to her community by mentoring and using her gifts, talents and abilities to assist where she can. She was recently asked to share her wealth of knowledge at Santa Rosa Lion’s Club and with the Malabar Secondary School through the World of Work initiative, which assists students with preparing themselves for the working world.

She has also volunteered with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese through the Archbishop Appeal in assisting with raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, a local historic monument.