Candice Lela Rolingson

Candice Lela Rolingson

Candice Lela Rolingson is an accomplished innovator and business developer with interests in tourism, social innovation, and technology. She has successfully launched ventures in film, fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle in addition to facilitating business model development and branding strategies to various business products and individuals.  

Candice has developed exceptional skills in managing the production of documentaries, feature films, commercially branded entertainment for web and television advertisements, media and motion pictures.

Her passion for research began in 1996 when she was interning as a production assistant. Since then, she has grown to appreciate opportunities to collaborate with professionals who share a vision of developing Caribbean television and film to promote tourism.

Candice is also the Founder and Executive Director of the Walker Lela Foundation non-profit enterprise. This provides basic technology skills education, life skills and personal development, to enhance the social function of youth in families in marginalised communities.

Candice is keenly interested in connecting with her peers and collaborating to maximise dynamic interdisciplinary projects in the Caribbean region and globally.