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Bayo Adelaja

Bayo Adelaja

Bayo Adelaja is the Founder and Director of Do It Now Now, which she established in 2015 as a response to her personal interest in African innovation and entrepreneurship.

Do It Now Now is a business coaching service and consultancy that helps young Africans – both in Africa and across the diaspora – to grow healthy, scalable and sustainable businesses.

Do It Now Now's clients tap into Bayo's knowledge of:

  • branding and communications
  • web design
  • conference planning
  • product launch
  • demo day organisation
  • social media management
  • public relations
  • and funding.

Do It Now Now connects young entrepreneurs with investors, mentors and market research and runs courses in:

  • idea development
  • investment readiness
  • branding and marketing.

Bayo has partnered with businesses to provide more training to entrepreneurs, including Google and Facebook.

Bayo believes entrepreneurship can bridge the gap between what Africa is today, and what Africa can be in ten years. She has made it her mission to spend every day of the next ten years working to create opportunities for young people in Africa.

In this way, Bayo believes, Africans can all build the economy of the continent and build a better future for the next generation.