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Ashfaq Zaman

Ashfaq Zaman

Ashfaq Zaman is the Director of a renowned international consultancy, Santa Fe Associates, USA, which is ranked amongst top 20 globally.

Ashfaq studied Leadership on a post-graduate programme at University of Cambridge.

As an entrepreneur he has established four different businesses including the Dhaka Institute of Fashion Technology and in California, USA, the accountancy firm, Mak & Co.

He has received recognition from the HULT Prize, UN Leaders Summit 2016, and at the WIEF 2015. 

As an ambassador of the Nation of High School Scholars, USA, Ashfaq is very passionate about sharing his skills and experience with young leaders.

He is a business consultant of the new era with expertise in empowerment, business management, social project implementation, sustainability analysis and innovative concepts tailored for successful ventures.

Through his Pearson accredited leadership organisation, LEAD, he has been able to mentor, research, and develop digital influencers on capacity development. As the Chairman of Charity Right, he is currently overseeing 72 free schools and thousands of beneficiaries.

Ashfaq loves to share his expertise and experience to inspire promising youths and engage them actively in the society as social entrepreneurs and activists.