Andreana Drencheva

Andreana Drencheva

Andreana is a lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the University of Sheffield, where she teaches and conducts research on social entrepreneurship.

Her research examines how individuals create socially, structurally, and financially sustainable social ventures in environments of uncertainty, and how this process can be improved.

At the intersection of entrepreneurship and leadership, Andreana particularly focuses on how social entrepreneurs seek feedback, involve stakeholders, and develop and change their business models.

She collaborates with incubators, accelerators, and support organisations to co-create services, programmes, and tools for potential social entrepreneurs – particularly focusing on catalysing social change, leading and scaling social ventures, and avoiding mission drift.

Before joining the University of Sheffield, Andreana worked in the USA and Europe as a strategist – with NGOs, multinational corporations, startups, sport teams, and social ventures – to create strong brands and launch successful digital products, services, platforms, experiences, and campaigns.