Unami Moatswi: Peer mentoring gender activists

Unami Moatswi: Peer mentoring gender activists

“This experience has also motivated me to do better in my little corner.”

Unami Moatswi was selected as a peer mentor and has been in contact with her mentees since July 2015. Here she tells us how she’s been able to help them, and what she’s gained from the experience.

Why did you want to mentor Queen’s Young Leaders?

I felt I had skills and knowledge to share with other young people. I also saw this as a learning experience to improve my interpersonal skills and communication skills, as the platform provided that.

How has your mentoring experience been so far?

It has been a fulfilling process indeed!

I have been able to communicate with four of the six mentees I was matched with. These are exceptional young women working to make a difference in our world. I admire their resilience to achieve their goals despite challenges they face.

I am very fond of Emily Smith and Zilah Douglas’s work with empowering girls. I wish to partner with them beyond this programme and see how to duplicate the Girl Guides programme back in Botswana.

"It is important to keep networks alive ..."

How you have been helping your mentees achieve their goals?

I have been able to share with them my experiences as far as activism, fundraising and partnership co-ordination is concerned. I have been able to connect Mallah with one person who received some funding from the organisation she made an application to.

I am still working on connecting Zillah to a webpage manager back in Botswana who has attracted a large audience of young people. I also helped her formulate ideas on using her café as a hub to celebrate the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

What you have learned or gained from the experience?

I have gained better communication skills and learnt the essence of partnership. It is important to keep networks alive so that future partnerships can have an opportunity to thrive. This experience has also motivated me to do better in my little corner.

Do you have any tips about dealing with connectivity issues?

Connectivity issues are a problem. Perhaps that is why since late August I have not been able to contact the two other mentees. However, email and WhatsApp seems to help with small, informal chats.

I have been able to Skype with three [mentees], and I am hoping for a Skype session with one more. I think email can provide another alternative. I also make Skype call dates with my mentees once a month. It helps to make sure that preparation is done well in time.

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