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Yavnika Khanna

Yavnika Khanna

Yavnika Khanna has a proven track record in mentoring young people and starting up governance related projects in the non-profit space in the South Asian region.

Besides pursuing a full-time career in the corporate consulting industry, she has served as organisational leader and mentor for global non-profits in India, the United States and Europe.

Her focus has been to guide young leaders who are fit to take decisions that promote self-correcting institutions and democratic processes, creating access and choice for economic, political and personal freedom.

Yavnika has been involved with various youth education and empowerment projects. She is an active member of diversity initiatives at her current workplace. She has over ten years experience in collaborating with local and global partners and managing teams.

As an accredited and experienced project manager, she is an organisational power house, adept at planning and co-ordination, especially with globally distributed teams. 

After travelling across four continents and meeting hundreds of youth from all parts of the world during prestigious forums, she is convinced that the present young generation is set to redefine the concepts of prosperity, fairness and sustainability.