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Viveksingh Urjoon

Viveksingh Urjoon

Viveksingh Urjoon is an experienced banker who mentors teenagers and young adults living with disability.

He is also the Co-Founder of Braille in Paradise, a unique educational platform for visually-impaired kids where Braille books are mailed without any cost to blind kids. This enables the kids enjoy their favourite books without having to travel long distances to libraries. He has also launched for the young people with disability, the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

Being the President of Zenfants Bondier, Vivek introduced the concept of “share a lunch, share a story”. This is where lunches are shared with the neediest in the society. Thus, Vivek has broken taboos by befriending drug addicts, former prisoners, sex-workers, those afflicted with AIDS and those who are HIV positive.

Vivek is involved in other projects which focus on sustainable development goals. He is a member of several non-government organisations, one of which he assists in the protection of mangroves.

He has done a TEDx in Ivory Coast on social entrepreneurship and delivers motivational talks.

He has been awarded:

  • the Junior Chamber International Outstanding Young Person of Mauritius
  • the Jeune Francophone trophy awarded by Francophonie3535 and Organisation Internationale de La Francophonie
  • and a Lifetime Achievement Award for his works and projects.