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Ulla Mazur

Ulla Mazur

Ulla Mazur is a certified professional coach and master in Organisational Psychology. For over 20 years, she has been working in:

  • executive coaching
  • management development
  • consulting
  • training
  • and supervision of companies and organisations including project and change management.

In 1992, she founded the company Mazur & Partners, which specialises in consulting, coaching and training on organisational, executive and human resources development.

Ulla is proficient in coaching and training managers, leaders and employees from various industries, regions and with different backgrounds, objectives and spheres of work in Europe, the USA, South Africa and Asia.

Being a passionate coach she considers professionalism, empathy, creativity, humour, inspiration, innovation and quality in work and relationships to be a must. She is also the winner of the German Training Award in Gold.