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Tukiya Kanguya

Tukiya Kanguya

Tukiya Kanguya works for the Commonwealth Alumni Association of Zambia and is a Commonwealth Ambassador.

In these roles, she is responsible for managing social media and providing information on Commonwealth scholarships and work of the Zambian alumni.

Tukiya's education was cut short because her family didn't have sufficient funds and – because she was a girl – it was not a priority. Despite this setback, she was a determined child. She finished her education by winning scholarships, such as the Gill Reeve Fund and Commonwealth Scholarships.

Tukiya now has an masters in Public Health from the University of Southampton and a bachelors in Environmental Education from the University of Zambia.

She is keen to help young female students that have recently completed their university to access scholarships. Another of Tukiya's ambitions is to ensure Zambia attains sustanaible development goal 4 – to "ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning" – by the year 2030.