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Towfique Khan

Towfique Khan

Towfique Khan is the Founder and President of the South Asian Youth Society (SAYS) and a Programme Officer at the United Nations (UN) World Food Programme.

SAYS has reached more than eight million young minds to raise awareness on issues and trained potential young entrepreneurs. The organisation implements projects on sustainable development issues through more than 1,050 initiatives that have been set up its members across South Asia.

For the UN World Food Programme, Towfique is responsible for co-ordinating efforts from the private sector, partner agencies and government to improve rice fortification.

Towfique has designed and led several initiatives, including Girls for Global Goals which was a finalist project in the Commonwealth Youth Awards for Excellence in Development Work 2017.

GGG empowers young girls by disseminating the essential knowledge and connecting them to the process of championing Sustainable Developing Goals (SDGs).