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Sophy Fisher

Sophy Fisher

Sophy Fisher has more than 20 years experience in international strategic communications, branding, image-building, crisis communications, advocacy and handling the media. She is also an experienced trainer in all aspects of communications, including presentation skills, messaging and social media.

Much of her time has been spent with organisations with few resources, so she is skilled in getting the most out of what people have, and knows how to target resources and reach the right stakeholders.

Sophy has managed and worked with many nationals and led numerous multicultural teams, including in stressful and sensitive situations. She knows how policymaking and decisions are handled in international organisations.

She has also spent many years in international journalism, so she knows how the media works, what they look for, and how to work with them to best advantage.

Sophy has a particular interest in issues related to social and economic development, gender equality and women's entrepreneurship. She is dyslexic, so she is familiar with how tough it is to overcome educational obstacles and still succeed.