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Sirhajwan Idek

Sirhajwan Idek

Sirhajwan Idek is a PhD student and an English teacher in a vocational school in Sabah.

As a teacher, he has created various methods and materials for teaching and organises numerous school projects. He coaches his students for various English-related competitions – debates, public speaking, poetry slams, mooting, Model United Nations, innovation contests and entrepreneurship programmes. He also supervises his colleagues in their research, conference presentations and innovations.

Sirhajwan has earned some national and global titles including:

  • one of the five global winners of Teacher at My Heart Macmillan contest
  • Top 50 finalist for Global Teacher Prize
  • and winner of top spots in Commonwealth Class competition by British Council.

As a mentor, Sirhajwan can offer consultation over career choice. He can help with ideas development and project planning and provide feedback on employability skills such as interview skills, resume, CV, presentation skills, problem-solving skills and communication skills. He is also happy to help with research projects and academic endeavours.

Sirhajwan is willing to listen to your concerns and help you to feel better and more optimistic about your future.