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Sana Afouaiz

Sana Afouaiz

Sana Afouaiz is women's advocate and public speaker on global feminism and women's issues in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. 

She has spoken in 30 countries at universities, panel discussions and international events. She uses her platform to advance the equality agenda through storytelling, social campaigns, and by sharing tools to empower women. 

Her blogs have been widely shared on women empowerment websites, including:

In recognition of her achievements, in 2018 Sana was named one of 10 most inspiring women who have inspired change in the MENA region by the World Bank.  

She is also the winner of the Ashoka Changemaker Award and has been nominated for:

  • SE100 most inspiring social innovations and social entrepreneurs around the world by Social Enablers
  • 2016 CIVICUS Nelson Mandela – Graça Machel Innovation Awards 
  • and the MENA Female leader for G(irls)20.

For the past five years, Sana has advised the United Nations and the European Commission among other institutions on gender agenda. She was heavily involved in discussions on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and has helped to draft resolutions and recommendations designed to promote women empowerment. 

In 2015, Sana established the Womenpreneur Initiative – a network that supports more than 500 female entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs every year to grow their initiatives, leadership and their social impact.