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Sam Glover

Sam Glover

Sam Glover has an MSc in Finance and is a serial entrepreneur with 25 years experience in business. He is passionate about ideas and helping young people develop their entrepreneurial talent. He also loves technology and how it can change the way we work, rest and play.

Sam started his first business in his bedroom in 1992 at 18 years old. The idea was bold and way ahead of its time, video streaming over the wire. Netflix launched the same service in 2007, 15 years later.

Sam went on to work on a host of startups developing consumer and business-to-business technologies. It was great fun, some didn’t work out but a few did very well indeed. In 2003, aged 29, Sam joined three friends to develop Global Gaming, an automated betting trading platform. Nine months later they launched the business on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) market.

Global Gaming’s main investor was a private equity firm called Corvus Capital. Corvus asked him to join them and look for businesses to invest in. His mandate was to find businesses whose value could be improved by applying technology. It was a dream ticket, he spent the next years helping entrepreneurs develop their ideas and float them on the stock exchange.

In 2007 Sam founded SG Capital to help investors and business owners achieve their goals. Sam’s skill is working with teams to develop their ideas and convert them into sustainable and profitable businesses.