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Sadaf Taimur

Sadaf Taimur

Bigger purposes and making a difference in society always fascinated Sadaf Taimur.

She has over seven years of experience in the social and development sector. Her passion is to bring change and put her efforts in the developing world through education and working for human rights.

Having studied Environmental Sciences, Sadaf has remained a member of Silver Oaks Schools and College System for five years. She is now working with the Youth General Assembly as executive member and with Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi – Center of Educational Consciousness – as a Youth Mobilisation Manager. In this role, she mentors young people to perform their duties well as education youth ambassadors.

The programme operates independently and forms a growing network of over 300 youth ambassadors in Pakistan – campaigning for all children to realise their right to go to school and learn.

Sadaf has also designed awareness-building modules for non-profits in Africa and sits on the Advisory Board of the Global Education Conference, USA.

In 2015, Sadaf was acknowledged as an “Agent of Change” by World Merit in the UK. In the same year she was also selected as one of the top ten Education Youth Ambassadors by A World at School and ITA Education Youth Ambassadors.

She won the Global Education Supplies and Solutions' Outstanding Contribution in Education Award in 2016. She was also selected as a Dalai Lama Fellow.