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Rebecca Turyatunga

Rebecca Turyatunga

Turyatunga Rebecca – also known as Becky Juna – is a Ugandan human rights and youth activist and feminist. She campaigns for the equal representation of young women in peace and security processes.

Currently working as the Youth Team Leader of the Women's Situation Room, Turyatunga advocates for peace before, during and after elections in Africa – using the youth peer-to-peer process.

She works with youths that are often regarded as outcasts and troublemakers, like gang members. She also organises and sensitises youths on the impacts of violence on their lives and society. She shows them how they can contribute to peace while identifying their needs and drawing strategies to address these needs. Such strategies include advocating and lobbying policy-makers to persuade them to address issues affecting young people.

This work helped curb violence in 15 districts in Uganda in the February 2016 elections, and in Ghana in the December 2016 elections.

Turyatunga was part of the youth delegation at the African Union Pre-gender Summit 2017, where she voiced the concerns of young people. She has also worked as the Youth Programme Manager at the Centre for Governance, Peace and Security.

As a volunteer for the Forum for Women In Democracy,  Turyatunga:

  • implemented work plans
  • conducted gender budgeting training for local government district councillors and youth
  • carried out training on gender-based violence
  • and voiced the concerns of young women at the grassroots.