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Peter Danby

Peter Danby

Peter has worked as a facilitator and coach of leadership development since 1992
in over 35 countries.

His approach is grounded in the experience of leading and training teams in the British Army, in the business world, on the mountains and on the sports field. It balances the challenge, discipline and drive of the military and sporting world and the sensitivity and intuition from his mystical training.

He has his own business and is:

  • a Programme Director and Lead Coach at London Business School
  • a Founder Member of BP’s Global Leadership Faculty
  • and part of the UK Sport World Class Elite Coaching Programme for Olympic sports coaches.

Peter is qualified as a business performance coach, as a coach in three major sports and has a diploma in Sports Psychology. He is a Reiki Master and has a post-graduate certificate in Spiritual Development and Facilitation. 

He has published papers in the London Business School Strategy Review on empowerment, delegation and leadership and contributed to a book, The Learning Society.

In 2010, he founded a small charitable trust, Small Acts of Kindness, which currently supports educational projects and women’s groups in the war-effected regions of Sri Lanka and in Nepal.