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Omar Mohammed

Omar Mohammed

Omar has had the great opportunity to explore two main passions in his career – environment and education.

He has been able to work on cutting edge environmental research and policy around the Caribbean and globally. And now he is thoroughly enjoying his role leading UNESCO's primary programme for innovative and inclusive education in Trinidad and Tobago.

Omar mostly use his expertise to bring people together around a table to work towards the achievement of common goals – be it environmental sustainability research and practice, or the development of school-country level education policy approaches for inclusion.  

Through this type of work, he has become quite adept at understanding and managing personalities and learning how to move everyone towards common consensus.

With a background in science, Omar has found a good space wherein he can marry the softer skills of network and person management, with the concepts of research-based and data-driven decision making.

As a mentor, Omar believes he can bring an in-depth understanding of what it means to work as part of a global system, while ensuring that you are able to consistently maintain a local mind space. Plus have a good time!