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Melissa Bryant

Melissa Bryant

Melissa Bryant has over five years experience as a communications professional in the international development sector.

She is an experienced trainer in media pitching, presentation skills and effective messaging.

Melissa has held lead responsibility for content creation and strategy on behalf of the Commonwealth Youth Programme, which administers youth development projects in 52 countries across the world.

She also spearheaded three major global campaigns in that capacity, including the 10th Commonwealth Youth Forum in Malta (2015), which convened over 500 young people to develop solutions to global development challenges.

In her home country of St Kitts and Nevis, she has managed human rights campaigns, specifically against LGBT+ discrimination.

Melissa is eager to share her skills in campaigning and activism to further develop the work of outstanding young leaders across the Commonwealth.

She believes that the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme is not only a vivid demonstration of the talent and drive that young people possess, but also a clear indication of the incredible contribution that young people make to changing the world.