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Mary Cope

Mary Cope

Mary Cope is the Head of Human Resources at the Share Centre, a stockmarket listed company based in the UK.

Over the years, she has led the people agenda in organisations of varying size, sector and nationality of ownership. She has travelled to different parts of the world and met people with a huge range of life experience.

Her human resources experience includes leading the management committee of an educational charity for three years. She has also been a governor at a secondary special school where she saw first hand how suitable support can transform the lives of young people.

As a volunteer speaker at Careers Springboard, Mary uses her insights and enthusiasm to encourage others as they seek work. She is also a long-term member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's (CIPD) West London Career Mentoring team.

Mary is studying Geography at degree level and is keenly interested in the environment and the sustainability of life on our planet.