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Marnie Threapleton

Marnie Threapleton

Marnie Threapleton is passionate about two things – making things happen and delivering results.

From having an idea to sharing a vision, Marnie finds it stimulating and exciting to see how this can be developed to deliver business performance.

One of her strengths is being able to create and articulate a strategy or plan and being able to understand how to break it down into tactics to execute. Another is having the ability to think creatively to find solutions.

Marnie brings diversity and experience from several industry sectors. She has applied her skills and talent into FTSE100 organisations, to inform better business decisions and increase impact to direct, manage business change and deliver results.

She enjoys challenges and owning the responsibility for a new operation or developing an existing one.

Marnie also believes that each of us is good at something. “We all have a responsibility to support wherever we can, to help find what that is and to nurture it,” she says.

Marnie would like to be a mentor where her experiences and stories can inspire that anything is possible. She hopes that being a mentor will help her make another organisation or person succeed.