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Ludwig Federigan

Ludwig Federigan

Ludwig Federigan is the Co-founder and Executive Director of the Young Environmental Forum and part of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps of the Climate Reality Project.

He was formerly the Treasurer and Vice-President for Business Operations of the World Wide Fund for Nature in the Philippines. He has 25 years experience across intersecting fields of business, community organisation, and environmental advocacy – as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, communicator, and educator.

A 2017 Yale Sustainability Leadership Fellow, Ludwig has a bachelors degree in Engineering from Don Bosco Technical College and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of San Carlos, both in the Philippines.

Ludwig has completed professional development courses on sustainable consumption and production, green energy and climate finance, strategic business and economics, and leadership and cultural intelligence at:

  • the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand
  • TERI University in India
  • the University of Asia and the Pacific in the Philippines
  • Renewables Academy in Germany
  • and at Common Purpose Asia-Pacific, Singapore.

He was awarded full scholarships to attend fellowships on climate change and development at the University of East Anglia, UK and sustainability leadership at Yale University, USA.

Ludwig has spoken both in local and international engagements in Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, bringing with him his ideas on the environment, climate change, sustainability and leadership. A one-time TEDx speaker, he has graced over 60 speaking engagements and reached over 10,000 people, most of them represents the youth of today.

He will soon have his column All About Choices in a national broadsheet in the Philippines after it briefly appeared in a regional newspaper.