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Liz Muange

Liz Muange

Liz Muange is the Deputy Director for Investment at the East Africa Trade and Investment Hub, a US$65 million flagship project funded by USAID. The project aims to boost trade and investment into East Africa, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Mauritius while partnering with private sector and government.

Liz previously worked at the African Guarantee Fund and Deloitte. She is skilled in:

  • corporate and project finance
  • due diligence reviews
  • risk management
  • and project management for investment and development projects.

She leads the design and implementation of the Nairobi Global Shapers innovative entrepreneurship project dubbed Biashara Rehab. This is a chief executive officers' (CEOs') collaborative dialogue, to help startups survive and CEOs learn from each other and grow their enterprises.

Liz is a 2017 fellow of the LéO Africa Institute Young and Emerging Leaders Project – a leadership programme for East African leaders. She is passionate about building Africa to produce quality competitive products for the global market and ensuring businesses can access capital to facilitate this growth. She is a mentor to various businesses in East Africa.

Liz holds a masters in International Relations from the Catholic University of Milan and a bachelors from the University of Nairobi.