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Lakshmi Nathan Balasubramanian

Lakshmi Nathan Balasubramanian

Lakshmi Nathan Balasubramanian hails from two worlds – the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and education of the liberal arts.

He specialises in cyber security, higher education administration and public policies.

Lakshmi is a proud feminist, #HeforShe advocate and sexual violence intervention specialist. 

He aspires to be an influencer by enhancing the role of science in politics and democracy.

He is interested in ideas that connect the dots beneath the complex surface of an elegantly simple concept.

Lakshmi loves to explain, describe, host, and speak and write about ideas and to turn evolved events into stories and practice telling them. He has helped local governments and non-profits to harness the youth potential through institutions of higher education, and in turn help students turn activism into community engagement.

Lakshmi is keenly interested in higher education policy, how science could play a better role in policy making, youth development, civic engagement, cyber rights and polices, diversity and cross culture.