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Lahcen El Youssfi

Lahcen El Youssfi

Lahcen El Youssfi is an Assistant Professor and Researcher of Agro-Environment at the High School of Technology, Moulay Ismail University, Morocco.  

He is responsible for the Agricultural and Rural Development Training programme there, which aims to prepare future young development agents in rural areas. He is also the pedagogic coach of the Young Moroccan Leaders Team, which develops communities through social entrepreneurship projects.

Before entering academia, Lahcen worked for more than nine years in a regional development agency.

Lahcen’s work, research and field of expertise is focused on managing land and water resources and rural development, which started when he was preparing his PhD in Environmental Engineering.

Lahcen is a member of many professional organisations, including:

  • a Fellow of the African Science Leadership programme, which supports the development of science in Africa 
  • the Global Young Academy
  • a Young Affiliate of the African Academy of Sciences
  • and an Alumnus of the Brown International Advanced Research Institute's programme on climate Change at Brown University in the USA.