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Kyla Raby

Kyla Raby

Kyla Raby has ten years experience working with large and small not-for-profit organisations in community development, international law and human rights protection.

She has lived and worked in 15 countries across four continents. She has also undertaken five humanitarian deployments to developing countries – including Uganda, Kenya and Cambodia – to work in a community development context, and to Peru and Nepal to work in a post disaster context.

Kyla has worked with International Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies in both Australia and the United Kingdom for almost five years – primarily supporting refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants.

She is incredibly passionate about equality, human rights and diversity and sees every learning opportunity as a chance to understand another perspective and develop personally.

Kyla holds undergraduate degrees in Journalism and International Studies from the University of South Australia and a masters in Public and International Law from Melbourne University.

She is currently working as an academic for Ducere Global Business School, teaching subjects in  bachelors degrees of Applied Business and Applied Entrepreneurship.