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Kingsley Kwaku Pinkrah

Kingsley Kwaku Pinkrah

Kingsley Kwaku Pinkrah is the Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of the Community and Entrepreneurial Development Initiative. This is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) co-founded with university lecturers and top government officials that promotes global development. 

In 2017, he organised an international symposium for foreign diplomats, government ministers, academics and business experts to address unemployment in Ghana. He also discusses development issues regularly on both television and radio.

Kingsley is a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, public speaker, community advocator and researcher. 

Because of his exemplary leadership and outstanding contribution to global development, in 2017 he was awarded:

  • Africa’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year by Africa Youth Award
  • and the Young Professional Role Model Award.

In 2016, the Community and Entrepreneurial Development Initiative won the Middle East and Africa Business Award and was an Africa Youth Award Civil Society of the Year Finalist.