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Julia Milner

Julia Milner

Dr Julia Milner is a Professor in Leadership and has worked with more than ten universities around the globe and received several teaching awards. She is also a highly accomplished consultant and a business coach working with executives in the area of leadership development.

Julia has published academic and professional articles and five books. Her latest book, Coaching: How to Lead, explains in a practical way how managers can use coaching as part of their leadership style.

She is involved in several research projects in the area of leadership, workplace cultures and cross-cultural coaching.

She designs and facilitates leadership programmes that focus on creating high-performing individuals, teams and organisational cultures. 

Julia has worked or studied in Germany, France, North America, Spain, Belgium, Finland, China, France, Great Britain and Australia. She received a German Coaching Award for her industry work. Her qualifications include:

  • PhD in Communications
  • masters in Business, Communication, Law
  • masters in Business Coaching and Change Management
  • masters in Professional Education and Training
  • bachelors equivalent Business, Communication, Law
  • graduate certificate in Coaching and Facilitation
  • graduate certificate in Higher Education.